About Us

Bailey Barmettler

Founder, Certified Holistic Sex Educator, Certified Somatic Sex Educator & Body Worker

Colorado native and nature lover, I enjoy gardening and being as eco-friendly as possible. I found my home too quiet, so I have adopted a couple cute and rambunctious kitties!

In my personal life, I have experienced how much both harm and healing can be achieved through touch. As someone whose life work includes ongoing battles with complex PTSD, I find that providing neurologically needed touch education speaks meaningfully to my soul.

A Message from Bailey: "My Why"

I am drawn to this work because much of my own life story has involved a journey to heal past sexual traumas stored within my soma. Throughout this journey, I was aware of the millions of others who struggled in similar ways, yet I felt utterly alone due to the lack of professionals who address personal sexual satisfaction down to the very touch.

As I overcame my somatic barriers and felt the numerous rewards radiate throughout my life, an overwhelming call to solve the felt vacancy of professional pleasure educators took me over. Everyone deserves access to the endless pleasures that their body holds!

I have since made it my mission to acquire the most recent & relevant resources to share in hopes of primarily assisting struggling couples & sexual trauma survivors in reclaiming their sensual quality of life.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

"Extremely informative pleasure mapping session. My partner and I really got to know each other better. It could be broken up into two or three sessions and still have good results. I would definitely do this again and am already suggesting to my friends that they try it out." - Ben

Natalie Schreiber

Somatic Assistant

Mother of two teenagers, two dogs, & four chickens. I am Colorado-born, an artist, and am originally from Leadville Colorado. I have a Masters of Divinity degree from Naropa University. Studying Buddhism, somatic experiencing, transpersonal psychology, and our holistic connection to nature. Through Naropa, I am trailblazing the field of “Eco-Chaplaincy” as a non-sectarian, non-denominational, modern/contemporary guide in spiritual meaning, support, and expression.

Chelsea Rothschild

Business Intelligence & Consulting

Chelsea is passionate about improving women's healthcare, which she does both as a Peaceful Birth Company doula and as a business consultant for independent healthcare providers.

At Romance and Reality, Chelsea helps with business intelligence, content creation, web presence, advertising, and administration.

Chelsea lives in Loveland with her husband, two children, and cat.

The Welcoming Crew
Kitties in Residence! Spook, Boo, and Kiki

Upon your arrival, you may look forward to being greeted by one or more of these cuties!Spook (all black), Boo (orange), and Kiki (black with white) were all rescues in rough shape and needed a loving home. 

Spook & Boo were picked up on Halloween in 2020 by a friend, so they are still full of playful kitten energy!  Kiki was a skinny stray I took in, who you can tell has never missed a meal since!

All three are all sweet, sociable, vaccinated, & have their claws. I keep them outdoors during sessions & workshops unless requested otherwise (for occasional emotional support). 

Romance and Reality has been an active volunteer with Longmont Friends of Feral & Abandoned Cats since 2019.

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