Bridging the gap between mental healthcare and physical therapy.

When we meet, it will be in the calm setting of my comfortable home office. Your appointment will center around you, as we discuss what brought you in and determine a plan to help meet your goals. Each session may include elements of education, counseling, and somatic practices. If it is appropriate for your learning and I have your consent, sessions may include hands-on somatic teachings. At all times, your boundaries are respected! We want you to feel relaxed and confident while on your journey.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“It is hard to not start off nervous. I almost canceled my first session over my nerves because I’ve never openly talked about my masturbation or sex life openly. Bailey’s welcoming demeanor calmed my nerves the moment we met. I never felt judged when being honest with her, as she was always focused on how to help. I highly recommend her.” – Scott R.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the first session like? In the first session, we will review my role, services, & professional boundaries. You can expect an in-depth intake evaluation, where we will discuss your intentions for seeking me out. By the end of the first session, there should be some clear goals that we may use as guideposts for our progress.  All disclosures are confidential, with you and your comfort level determining the depth at which we go into your sexual history. Education and somatic coaching will likely be woven in as well, but the focus of the evaluation is to understand where you are, where you want to be, and how I can best support you in getting there. 
  • What does “Soma” or “Somatic” mean? Soma is Greek for “the soul of the body,” and represents the idea that the body and mind are separate, but communicate with each other. Examples of common somatic responses include stress headaches, situational loss of appetite, and panic attacks. Using somatic awareness and intention promotes better communication among the body, emotions, and mind. This provides vital insights and neurological regulation.
  • Does bodywork have to be included if I want to expand my somatic awareness? Absolutely not! All “NOs” are welcome here! Not being interested in any touch exercises or body-working is absolutely welcomed and appreciated. This is not a barrier to our progress, as anything I offer during an in-office session is adaptable to an online or home environment.  
  • How long until some progress is noticed? Sessions are driven by your present somatic state and your self-defined sexual wellness goals. I aim to see significant progress towards your goal within 6 sessions. At 6 sessions we will pause to retrospect and reevaluate the paths forward. Every human body/mind/soul heals on its own timeline, so I can not make any guarantees on timelines. If you are willing to implement the somatic practices that work for you in your daily life as a habit, then it will become apparent how much potential for improvement is available.
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