Private Sessions

Here you will be seen and heard

without fear, shame, or


Sessions are client-centered, confidential, and focused on achieving your self-defined sexual wellness goals!

Our aim is to see significant progress toward these goals within 6-8 sessions.

Additional resources every session!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

"Bailey was caring and kind-hearted. She was easy for my husband to open up to, which I was the most worried about. Her information made sense and helped us to understand how it applied in the bedroom. We have some things to still work out, but as we practice our sexual communication skills our time in bed together has become more inviting." ~ Michelle C.

Services & Rates

FREE 30 min Consultation!

Let's make sure that my services align with what you are seeking! You may schedule here online, or inquire for more information.

60 min Private Sessions = $150

Same cost for individuals or couples, and in-person or virtual. An open & honest discussion about where you are currently at and where you would like to be. We will aim to meet your self-defined goals for higher-quality sex life! Bundled session packages are available at discounted rates. You may schedule here online, or inquire for more information.

3 hr Couple's Erotic Touch Intensive = $450

Experience intimacy, pleasure, & passion like never before! Relax and enjoy as I guide you through a safe & pleasurable introduction to how to communicate erotically, explore sensuality, find pleasure, & indulge your desires further! Includes guided pleasure mapping and erotic massage training! Light refreshments are provided. Travel rates may apply. You may schedule here online, or inquire for more information.

Custom Workshops, Training, and Presentations = TBD

A few popular workshops include "Understanding Boundaries and Consent", "Empowering Body-Positive Parents", "Trauma Touch Training", "Adolescent Introduction to Sexual Health and Wellness", and so much more! Please inquire for more information.

Disclaimer: To maintain our ethical standards, tips or gifts in excess of $100 are not accepted.

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