You’re not the only one.

You deserve pleasure.

I can help.

At Romance and Reality, you will be seen and heard without judgement.

Sessions are client-centered, confidential, & focused on achieving your self-defined sexual wellness goals.

I aim to see significant progress toward these goals within 6-8 sessions or less.

Additional resources provided with every session.

I wish sex and intimacy were normalized in this culture, because it is to important to talk about these things! Bailey does such an amazing job empowering your sexual identity. If you have any questions or insecurities about your intimate life and want TRANSFORMATION you need to book with Bailey!

Lisa P

Common Reasons Private Sessions are Requested

  • Loss or lack of sexual desire – discrepancy in desires inside or outside of
  • Embodying voice, choice, & consent to further intimacy building with boundary-setting exercises
  • Reconnecting to sex after childbirth, menopause, or surgery
  • Exploring who you are as an erotic being
  • Reconnecting to sex after childbirth, miscarriage, menopause, or surgery
  • Self-pleasure & masturbation coaching, expanding my self-pleasuring practice
  • communicating desires effectively
  • Learning the anatomy of arousal
  • Passionate Relationship, expanding possibilities for relationships
  • Massage for lovers, learning the art of erotic touch
  • Exploring power and surrender as aspects of sex play and pleasure
  • Building basic Tantric conversation, kink, fetish, BDSM & other sensual skills
  • Deciphering sexual identity
  • Being sexual with chronic pelvic pain, vulvodynia, constrictions that inhibit sexual function
  • Being sexual with a disability
  • Experiencing & learning techniques for expanded arousal, or extended and multiple orgasm
  • Exploring the intersection of sex and spirit
  • Changing habitual sexual roles or scripts
  • Healing sexual abuse or trauma
  • Trauma-informed touch, including genital unwinding, genital mapping, & pelvic/genital scar tissue release
  • Unwanted or obsessive erotic attachment, jealousy, loneliness
  • Exploring erotic possibilities as a transgender person, or someone who wants to play with gender
  • Addressing troublesome turn-ons, including “pornography addiction “or unwanted fantasies
  • Holistic pelvic & sexual care resources based upon current science that address physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, & spiritual​ wellbeing

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