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Welcome to Romance and Reality!

Where we believe it is a human right for all people to have access to ethical, inclusive, holistic, sex-positive education. Your questions and curiosities are welcome here!

Our sexual health is a vital component of overall wellness, yet it is left out of mainstream education and healthcare. Due to this, it is common for us to struggle in reaching our full sexual potential. You are not alone!

Struggles often result from a wide variety of normal experiences. Too often, people are left to face these challenges without a trustworthy guide to a more satisfying future. (Tip: Google & porn are terrible substitute teachers!)

If you suspect your sexual experience could improve, schedule a free consultation or check out our monthly events!

“I highly recommend working with Bailey! She did such an amazing job making me feel comfortable and heard. Her insights about intimacy and communication with my partner were so helpful. She really wants to empower you to create the intimacy you dream of. This is a realm that often gets sidelined in relationships, but it’s so essential to address!” ~ Lisa & Joe

Challenges I may Help Address

Clients often feel alone in facing the following challenges, but I assure you are not! These are normal experiences that may improve with the education & coaching I offer.

  • Couples seeking ways to enhance their sexual intimacy or confidence
  • Reclaiming sexuality after childbirth, surgery, illness, etc.
  • Recovering from sexual traumas locked in the body’s memory
  • Difficulty experiencing pleasure
  • Communicating desires effectively
  • Loss or lack of sexual desire – Discrepancy of desires inside or outside of the relationship
  • Embodying voice, choice, & consent to further intimacy building with boundary-setting exercises
  • Self-pleasure & masturbation coaching, expanding my self-pleasuring practice
  • Learning the anatomy of arousal
  • Deciphering sexual identity
  • Exploring who you are as an erotic being
  • Being sexual with chronic pelvic pain, vulvodynia, constrictions that inhibit sexual function
  • Trauma-informed touch, including genital unwinding, genital mapping, & pelvic/genital scar tissue release
  • Passionate Relationships, expanding possibilities for relationships
  • Massage for lovers, learning the art of erotic touch
  • Exploring power and surrender as aspects of sex play and pleasure
  • Building basic Tantric conversation, kink, fetish, BDSM & other sensual skills
  • Changing habitual sexual roles or scripts
  • Experiencing & learning techniques for expanded arousal, or extended and multiple orgasms
  • Holistic pelvic & sexual care resources based upon current science that address physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, & spiritual​ wellbeing
  • Exploring the intersection of sex and spirit
  • Being sexual with a disability
  • Unwanted or obsessive erotic attachment, jealousy, loneliness
  • Exploring erotic possibilities as a transgender person, or someone who wants to play with gender

“Extremely informative pleasure mapping session. My partner and I really got to know each other better. It could be broken up into two or three sessions and still have good results. I would definitely do this again and am already suggesting to my friends that they try it out.” ~ Ben

The Romance and Reality Community

Romance and Reality events are an affordable, informative, and FUN way to learn! Always hosted in a safe space where ALL are welcome & can choose to change their zoom name/pronouns or leave their camera off in order to stay anonymous.

Some common event themes may include:

  • FREE Q&A Hour – Every Third Thursday of the month from 12pm-1pm MST
  • Sensual Date Night – Every Final Friday evening of the month 7pm-8pm MST
  • Sex Trivia Game Night – Comming Soon!
  • How to Navigate, Embody, & Communicate your Boundaries & Consent
  • Keeping Romance, Passion, & Play Alive in Long Term Relationships
  • Empowering Parents: Creating a safe, supportive, and sex-positive home
  • Somatic Skills Building & Support for Sexual Trauma Survivors
  • …and much more!

Stay curious! 😉

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